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    In order to attract the best quality teachers, we pay them the highest rate of any online school in Russia. Despite this, our lessons are priced at the market rate for online English teaching, and are 50% cheaper than the average rate in major cities such as Moscow and London.

    On top of that you have the chance to earn free lessons through our referral system! Inspireka English lessons really are the best value way to learn English with a professional teacher.

    General Lesson
    50 minutes
    Russian teacher
    General Lesson
    50 minutes
    Native teacher
    Business Lesson
    50 minutes
    Native only

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    • Testimonials

    • Studying through Skype is really effective. In one-on-one classes you talk much more than in group classes, and its so much nicer to study from my own home! Also I really like how I can listen to the lesson again afterwards. - Sergey Krasnov

    • I love my teacher and I love this online platform! I tried other online schools but they were very different. The main advantage for me with Inspireka is that you can see yourself progress through the course, which helps me stay motivated! - Ivan Landar

    • This is the best way to learn languages yet! Online via Skype with the help of Inspireka's fantastic platform! I really like how I can choose the lessons that suit my interests. - Elena Katerova